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Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit #102

Image of Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit #102


Reiki Natural™ Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit #102. Handmade and Reiki-infused. Contains one of each of the following:

* Facial Pre-Cleanser (2 fl oz/60 ml)
* Gentle Facial Cleanser (2 fl oz/60 ml)
* Rose Elixir Facial Mist #102 (2 fl oz/60 ml)
* Anti-Aging Facial Serum #102 (1 fl oz/30 ml)
* Light Facial Moisturizer (2 fl oz/60 ml)

#102 is blended with 100% pure and natural essential oils of Clary Sage, Lavandin, and Frankincense. Packaged in a reusable paper mache box made from recycled material. (Reg Price: $221)